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Geometry is quite a sophisticated science, which is often left misunderstood by lots of students.

You sit down to take a math test and, suddenly, you feel your heartbeat getting faster, your palms start to sweat, there are butterflies in your stomach and you can’t concentrate. Believe me, that feeling is familiar to lots of students, who struggle with a math problem. That might be called math anxiety – you feel insecurity, stress, and self-doubt.
There are two main reasons why geometry is difficult to understand.

  1. Even if you’re doing everything right, the answer can still be wrong. You have dedicated lots of time to the task, gotten all the numbers correctly, done every single step rightly, but because of one simple detail things fall apart.
  2. You can’t move to the next stage until you understand the previous one. It’s similar to the process of constructing a building – you have to build the foundation first. And if it’s weak, there’s no sense to move on. Even if you’ve memorized most of the formulas, there will be problems that are nearly impossible to solve until you’ve gone back to learn what is missing.

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