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These days nurses play an important role in our community. It might seem that registered nurses just sit in the emergency room and don’t have a lot of impact on the patients. But that a common stereotype, which is far away from the truth. Firstly, nurses aren’t limited to only working in hospitals, they work in schools, clinics, private homes. It is hard to imagine today’s medicine without nurses.

What are the nurse’s duties?

  • Educate families and individuals, monitor patients and manager medical records.
  • Nurses should be up-to-date with the newest technology to prove that they can provide their patients with the best care.
  • Prevention of the patients’ possible illnesses.
  • Satisfaction of patient’s social, physical and emotional needs.

It sounds quite simple in comparison to the doctor’s profession. They save people’s lives, they keep our nation alive, but nurses are usually left in shade. By the way, to be a nurse you have to own some important skills: finding common ground with people, customer service, interpersonal skills, time organization and management, patience, physical fitness, problem solving and teamwork.

As every student, future nurses also have to write medical assignments and that doesn’t depend on the specialization. Our life is a constant hustle and bustle and everyone is stuck in his own personal affairs and has a limited amount of spare time. We aren’t here to judge you, but to give a hand of help. Despite the worst circumstances, we are here.

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